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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little Clarification . . .

Hey kids,

In a little over three weeks I’m doing that Birthday Jam in Vegas.

I’ll actually be in NorCal on the day. Don’t forget, I’ve moved my trip back 1 week.

So I’ll be in Vegas the evening of 10/23 and I’ll be staying at the Quad until Friday morning (10/25).

In that room I have 2 Queen beds, so I space for 3 people which no on has claimed. I have had interest expressed, but no actual reservations. (Although I’m sure you all have reservations about hanging with me in Vegas, eh? Heh.)

Anyhoo, after I check out 10/25 I still don’t know where I’m staying the evening of 10/25 through 10/29 or 30 when I plan to come back.

If you’re in, let me know the days, etc. whether or not you’d throw in on a room, for off days, want a space in mine on the days I’ve got handled, etc. Just need to get this all sort’ve squared away before I take off on 10/15.

Of course you’re welcome to drop in, but you’ll have to check in here to find out the evolution of this trip.

Get at me.

Digits and Email are the same . . .



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1 Month and Counting . . .

Birthday Jammers!

It is exactly 1 month 'til my birthday though I won't be hitting up Vegas until the 23rd.

I've heard a few things from a few folks, but if you're planning on going, let me
know and let me know your plans as I'm still working out some details.

Got three spots in my room at the Quad 10.23 - check out on 10.25.

Other than that looking for hook-ups, discounts, shares etc.

Do let me know will you?