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Friday, July 19, 2013

28.57% Lodged

Hey y'all -

Through TR I was able to find two free nights stay at the Quad.

I'll have two Queens (beds pervies) for those nights.

I'll still be looking for deals or splits or stayovers 10/15 - 29 or 30.

I'll keep you posted.  You do the same.

: )

Gonna do it!



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Dates!

Hey y'all!

Had to change the dates.  I'll be helping out my brother in NorCal on my actual B-day weekend, but SW had another sale and I was able to change my dates with no price increase so I jumped on it.

Here's the new dates.  These won't change.

Well unless somebody pays me something stupid to do something stupid.  Unlikely at best.

I will arrive in LV at 9:55p on Wednesday 10/23 and leave by car 10/29 or 30.  I have a plan but will welcome back ups.

All other formerly written ideas apply.

Let me your interests and availability.



Stay Tuned

*doings afoot*