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Monday, October 13, 2014

Das Can-in-Stein

This awaited me when I got to Montara.


Now I just have to figger out what to put in it when I use it for my Halloween Costume!

Hee hee!

Birthday Jam 39 continues!



Weekend Starts Now

Hey y'all -

First part of BJ39 was great! Then I worked a bunch more! 37 Shifts in 31 Days. And I've delivered 69 audition files so far this "month."

Today I'm getting on a plane and headed up to NorCal for my 3rd Pumpkin Festival with the good folks at ODDYSSEA. I've been working so much I'm almost looking forward to getting on another GD plane.


If only I weren't so cheap and had bought a direct flight. Oy.

Oh and the bag of gummy worms GE gave me after my Mandala had gummy SNAKES in it. So I'm taking them on the gummy PLANE!


More soon.

Wish me rest!



Tuesday, October 7, 2014

*claps hands*

Hey y'all!

#BJ39 gets underway tomorrow! Exciting!

Feel free to contact me directly if you need information about any of the upcoming events or (especially if you're in NorCal) you have time to meet up on an open day from now until the
end of the month!

Tomorrow I'll be at Amoeba in time to spin my Mandala which I'm calling -


I think.

Let me sleep on it . . .

After tomorrow, you can always drop by the store and say hello. I'll be there from at least 4p to close Th - Sun.

I have a ride to the airport Monday, 10/13 (Thanks INO!) and then I will have some potenial open time on Tuesday, 10/14 and Wednesday, 10/15 in the Bay area.

Starting 10/16, I belong to the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay. (If ya feel crazy enough to check out this awesomely fun event, do drop by Oddyssea on Main Street. I'll be in the outdoor area - near the ship I shouldn't wonder . . .

For those keeping track of spankings owed, my actual natal day is Saturday, 10/18. I'll be working hard all that day, but questionable pictures are always welcome. The more questionable the better. I won't be under the influence so see if you can change my worldview through "art."


I travel back to HELL.A. on Monday 10/20 and I have a ride back to the 'Weird that evening. (Thanks Loy!)

I have a couple regular days of toil (and one short one!) before Thursday, 10/23 - a pre and the Main BJ39 Event. I've got a ride from the 'Bank to the Greyhound scheduled for noon (Thanks RyKo!) - if anyone wants to join us for lunch, you're more than welcome! - and I have a follow-up ride (Thanks again RyKo!) set to take me to GOLDDIGGERS by their alleged opening at 2p.

I'll then be at that spot until they kick me out, so you can, and should, drop by anytime. I'll also take a ride home from that spot (none planned) which should be between 1:30 and 2am. Maybe they'll even be post-toastie time at Kingston. We shall see . . .

We're buisness as usual til the end of the month, though I do work at Amoeba on Halloween and I hear dressing up is encouraged. *stretches suspenders*

Friday, 10/31 may just be an alternate, alternate good day to drop by and then go for a drink with me when I get off at 11p. The 'Weird is a fucking nightmare on Halloween (and mostly not in a good way).  Who's brave enough to see what's happening?

Then that'll be that. Birthday Jam 39 will be over. I'll be one year from the top of the Hill and hoping the next year is kinder than the last. I wish the same for you all as well!

Git in on it while the gittin's good!